The HipHopRarities Megapost

01. Mo News (interlude)
02. Whutchawant
03. Feedback
04. Rockshows
05. Bumpinsumtin
06. Get Off My
07. Party Groove
08. Janet Jacme
09. Mo News (interlude)
10. Mo News (interlude)
11. Ego
12. Don't Stop (Thyme Solo)
13. World Premier
14. Tha Elementz
15. Searchin (Proof Solo)
16. Crazze
17. Mo News (interlude)
18. 98 Neva Seen
19. Sun Flower


01. Batter Up
02. Bring It On feat. Kool G. Rap
03. How Ya Feel
04. Hit Em in da Head
05. Who's da Flava
06. Tap Skinz
07. Flip Cassette
08. Da Mann
09. Styles upon Styles
10. Take It Back
11. Dee Swings Jazz
12. Got 2 B Real
13. Crazy Swift
14. Murder at Midnight
15. Stompin' Committee
16. End


01. The Beginning
02. Tonto
03. Do Fa Self
04. Gangsta Bitch
05. A Fight
06. Kill D'White People
07. Hey Girl
08. Apache Ain't Shit
09. Blunted Snap Session
10. Who Freaked Who
11. Get Ya Weight Up
12. Woodchuck
13. Make Money
14. Wayz Of A Murderahh


01. Advance To Boardwalk
02. Mystic Freestyle
03. Perfect Match
04. Medina Style
05. Recognize N Realize
06. Cella Dwellas
07. Wussdaplan
08. Good Dwellas
09. Hold U Down
10. Realm 3
11. Line 4 Line
12. Worries
13. We Got It Hemmed
14. Good Dwellas (Part 2)
15. Outro
16. Land Of The Lost


01. Station Identification
02. Channel One
03. Lock It Up
04. Channel Two
05. What! (Cause and Effect)
06. Mad Izm (feat. KRS One)
07. Reprogram
08. Channel Three
09. Sex for the Sport
10. Channel Four
11. Down Goes the Devil
12. Build & Destroy
13. Alpha & Omega
14. Homicide Ride
15. Who U Represent


1. Here Is a Smirk
2. Methods
3. Jack the Mack
4. Talk About a Girl
5. Red Light, Green Light
6. Tell You Something
7. Gatha Round
8. Devotion
9. Apple Juice Break
10. My World Premire
11. Ice Cream Truck
12. Charizma What?
13. Fair Wheathered Friend
14. Soon to be Large
15. Pacin' the Floor


01. Gang Lingo
02. To the Uumhm
03. It's On
04. Just Because You're Black
05. Kill or Get Killed
06. Money Ain't Shit When You're Dead
07. Body Armor
08. Like Father, Like Son
09. Born Suspect
10. Nickel Plated Funk
11. No Bizness in Show Bizness
12. The System
13. Juice with Soul


01. Due Our Time
02. Trouble on My Mind
03. Flexin' tha Ill Funk
04. Dedication to Bambaataa
05. Summer in the City
06. Santana
07. Ill-River Expedition
08. Justice Funkin'
09. Jacquelina
10. Just Because
11. Soulstyle
12. Take It to the Stage
13. Summer in the City [Sunshine Blend]
14. Jacquelina Outro


01. Spell It With A J (Yes, Yes Jorge)
02. Top Notch (feat. Psycho Les)
03. I'm Kurious
04. Uptown Sh_t
05. Leave Ya With This
6. Fresh Out The Box
07. Walk Like A Duck
08. Tear Sh_t Up (feat. Kadi)
09. Baby Bust It (feat. Casual & The Grimm Reaper)
10. Nikole
11. What's The Real
12. Jorge Of The Projects


1. Messages From Uptown
2. Someone So Fly
3. Caught up in the Flizny
4. Magnum Opus
5. Check the Credentials
6. What
7. You Gotta Check It
8. Something New
9. I Can't Hear You
10. Graveyard Shift
11. U Know My Name


01. Live From Troubleneck Projects
02. Troubleneck Wreck
03. Open Up The Gates
04. Suck My Dick
05. Fuck All Ya'll
06. Hoods Up, Caps Down
07. Poets At War
08. Rockin' In Harmony
09. Outro
10. Represent (Trouble Version)
11. Represent (Villain Version)


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