Eminem - Demos (Pre-Infinite)

01. Artificial Flavour
02. Crackers & Cheese
03. Fattest Skinny Kid Alive
04. Foolish Pride
05. Hammer vs Vanilla
06. Mad Cold Blunts In The House
07. Poo Butt
08. Steppin Onto The Scene
09. Unrealistically Graphic
+ Rare Pics



Anonym hat gesagt…

You can reload it???

Cr8digga92 hat gesagt…

unfortunately not, because the material on there is copyrighted

Anonym hat gesagt…

wow i have to hear this!

Tom hat gesagt…

Eminem is one of my favorite singer. I like all of his songs. I have collected his albums.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Can you send me this link?