Da Grassroots - Passage Through Time (1999)

01. Intro
02. Spears Of Ice
03. Thematics
04. Eternal
05. Precious Metals
06. Kenny's Query
07. Last Days
08. Price Of Livin'
09. Pylar Sanchez
10. Intermission
11. Informercial
12. Postal Work
13. Body Language
14. The Approach
15. Black Dove
16. Kenny's Theme
17. Melancholy Blue
18. Political Proverbs
19. A Mother's Love
20. Born II Roam
21. Revival (Three Rhyme Superstars)
22. Outro
23. Drama (Bonus Track)
24. Living Underwater (Bonus Track)



Machiventa hat gesagt…

Never heard this but it looks dope, thanks!

Great blog! I'll link you guys up on mine (To The Break Of Dawn)

Anonym hat gesagt…

everyone must download this.. this is a MUST have canadian group.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I've heard most of the tracks on youtube and I should say that these Canadians are dope.

p.s. pity that the link doesn't work. Any chance of reuploading it?

mike hat gesagt…

I am lucky to have this album. It sells for around $200