Biggie Smalls - The Notorious Demos (Untagged)

16 Bars At The Lyrical Lounge
50 Grand (Demo)
A Buncha Niggas
Biggie Got The Hype Shit
Blind Alley Freestyle (Demo)
Come On (1st Take Demo Version)
Come On (Unreleased Original Version)
Dead Wrong (Original)
Don't Love No Hoe (Demo)
Everyday Struggle (Demo Version)
Friend Of Mine (Original Demo Version)
Fulton St. Battle (Age 17)
Gimme The Loot (Never Before Heard Version)
Guaranteed Raw (Demo)
Let Me Get Down (Unreleased)
Machine Fun Funk (DJ Premier Version)
Mac's N Dons (Unreleased)
Madison Square Garden Freestyle
Me And My Bitch (Original Beat Version)
Microphone Murderer (Demo)
One More Chance (Original Uncleared Sample Version)
Party & Bullshit (Extended Version)
Queen Bitch (Reference Track)
Ready To Die (Original Beat Version)
Respect (Original Extended Version)
Suicidal Thoughts (Pete Rock Version)
The What (Original Unheard Lyrics Version)
Things Done Changed (Original Version)
Wake Up Show Freestyle
Warning (Original Version)
Whatchu Want (Unreleased Original Version)
Who Shot Ya (Original Demo Version)


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Whoever claims this is untagged is a fuckin FGT!! Get yoar shit straight, idiots. There are songs here that are tagged. What a waste of time.