Thug Life - Demo Tape

01. My Definition Of A Thug Nigga [Original Version]
02. Thug Life (Feat Big Syke)
03. Fake Ass Bitches (Feat Rated R) [Orignal Version]
04. Pour Out A Little Liquor [Original Version]
05. I'm Getting Money [Original Version]
06. Faced Shootouts (Interlude)
07. Is It Cool 2 Fuck (Feat Rated R & Macadoshis) [Original Version]
08. High Till I Die [Original Version]
09. Time To Get My Drank On (Feat Y-N-Vee)
10. Mr. Troublesome
11. Niggaz In The Pen (Feat Mouse Man & Mopreme)
12. Thug Life (Solo)


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